I find it disheartening to hear of the violence and troubles that continue to plague our society and towns throughout New Mexico. Gang violence is problematic everywhere and affects everyone.

Intervention while children are young is key to stopping some of the violence. Parental involvement. I also like the scouting program. I have seen several young men's lives, along with their families, blessed by the scouting program.

I really do not have the "perfect" solution. I do have an idea I wish New Mexico lawmakers may think about next year.

Violent gang members who are convicted of aggravated crimes — i.e. drive-by shootings, drugs with intent to distribute and gang violence targeting citizens — need enhanced punishments.

I would like to see the gang members be treated as domestic terrorists! Try them under terrorism laws. Make them serve time with other terrorists.

Gangs are essentially domestic terrorists and need to be treated as such. When gang members learn that they will be tried under terrorism laws and not slapped on the wrists, maybe we can get the gangs under control and we can finally have a safe community.


Rio Rancho