FARMINGTON — The Farmington school board focused on improving the capabilities of the district's three high schools at its monthly meeting Thursday night.

Board members passed two agenda items that affect Piedra Vista and Farmington high schools. One of the items also will have an impact at Rocinante High School.

The board approved the adoption of 13 new textbooks to be used during the 2009-10 school year at the three schools. Of those 13, five will be for language arts and reading for grades nine through 12. The other eight textbooks will be for Spanish, French and Navajo language classes.

Though the board adopted the textbooks following a year-long committee process, it's unclear if the funds required for the purchase will be available. The district is waiting to hear what next year's budget will be and how much stimulus money it'll receive.

"We're all kind of just up in the air right now, not knowing what has to be done," said Superintendent Janel Ryan.

Board members also approved the implementation of three new gifted elective courses at PV and FHS: cooperative business solutions, gifted seminar and quantitative and qualitative research. The classes will be offered in the fall.

Thursday's meeting was the first for recently elected members Nancy DeLong and Bill Young. As a result of the new faces, the board held elections for officer positions.

Steve Nelson retained his slot as president, while Sandy Schumacher moved up from secretary to vice president.


Mike Isaacson, the former deputy secretary, was promoted to fill Schumacher's vacated position. DeLong is the new deputy secretary.

Ryan hopes to find out more about the incoming stimulus money during a conference call with state Secretary of Education Veronica Garcia on Monday morning.

G. Jeff Golden: