As we all know by now, the Farmington Police have decided to start enforcing a 10-year-old ordinance, legal window tint. If I were a police officer, I would be reluctant to approach a vehicle with windows so dark I could not see how many people were in said vehicle or what they may have with them. That said, let me get to the crux of this letter.

Why did the FPD wait 10 years to start enforcing this ordinance? Why were the tint shops allowed to violate a city ordinance without so much as a warning? It is my understanding that some of the FPD patrol cars were and are in violation.

Obviously the officers operating the vehicles were aware at the time of install that their tint was too dark, as did the tint shops. Who paid for the original tint on the patrol cars, the city? In other words, the taxpayer? Who pays for the correction? The officer or Mr. & Mrs. Public.

It would appear that the FPD officers guilty of violating the ordinance and the tint shops are getting a free and, for the tint shops, profitable ride. They were paid for violating an ordinance, which they could have refused to do, and now they are paid again to correct their own flagrant violation of said ordinance.

I fully realize that many people went to the tint shops with the express purpose of not adhering to the 20 percent rule. However, it would have been very simple to say 20 percent is the limit. What folks will do for the almighty dollar.