The health care reform debate currently taking place in Congress will ultimately have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on America. It will probably be the greatest single change Americans will see in this century. For that reason alone, citizens should be part of the debate.

No one knows at this time what kind of reform measure will come out of Washington, but to be sure, whatever it is will affect us all — some in good ways, some in bad.

I urge the citizens of San Juan County to learn all they can about the health care debate and to question your Congressional delegation about their concerns. Do you or do you not support a government-run health care option? How do you think health care reform should be paid for? How should the insurance industry be reformed? What would you change about the way health care services are delivered?

These and more are serious questions that must be answered. This is the time to make your voice heard on all these issues.

We all have heard rhetoric from the politicos about health care reform, good and bad, pro and con. Just be sure that you are not taken in by spurious claims that are made just to confuse and redirect. Get the facts. Then, let your elected representatives know how you stand.