FARMINGTON — Crystal Lynn Anderson quit her job to help take care of her sister's baby before she died while acting as a good Samaritan.

Crystal, of Fruitland, planned to move from Utah to Kirtland to take care of her sister's baby, who is due in a few days, before she died in a multiple-vehicle crash.

Crystal, 23, died Tuesday when a car struck her on Interstate 80 in Salt Lake City as she was checking on passengers in another vehicle that had crashed during a snow storm. Friends and family members said they will remember her devotion to caring for others.

"That was just her: she was always baby-sitting and just there for everybody," said Emerson Charley, Crystal's cousin.

Crystal was driving her cousin, Kanani Anderson, to the airport early Tuesday morning through light snow, said Kanani, of Chandler, Ariz.

The women were talking about how pretty everything looked, and Crystal was happy, Kanani said.

A vehicle in front of them lost control and Crystal's car and another vehicle crashed, Kanani said. The women left their vehicle to check on the others when a pickup truck, the fourth vehicle, struck Crystal and killed her.

Crystal "was always making sure people were OK, whether she had anything to do with it or not," Kanani said. "If she saw somebody in trouble, she would make sure that they were all right before she went on her way."

Crystal graduated from Kirtland Central High School in 2005.


She was the youngest of two brothers and two sisters and enjoyed playing volleyball, basketball and softball.

She was living in Midvale, Utah, with her cousins and working as a massage therapist. She graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy.

Friends and family members remember her as thoughtful, cheerful and fun to be with.

"She puts herself last and she puts everyone else first," said Carrie Charley, Emerson Charley's wife.

Crystal became an important part of her family as she grew up, Emerson said. Family members constantly wanted to spend time with her.

Aaron Eldridge, of Upper Fruitland, and Crystal were friends since childhood. Her laughter always made his day.

Crystal returned Eldridge's phone calls and text messages right away, Eldridge said. She was the designated driver when her friends partied.

"She always took care of her friends," Eldridge said. "I even called her mom' sometimes. She was like that mother figure."

Jana Wauneka, Crystal's cousin, said she and Crystal always laughed together.

"She was a very wonderful, compassionate person who touched so many hearts," said Wauneka, of Farmington.

Crystal said at her grandmother's funeral that she wouldn't want anyone to grieve for her, Carrie Charley said.

She would want people to remember the good times they enjoyed with her, she said.

"She was really into family," Carrie said. "She was really close to her cousins (and) really, with everybody."

Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stake center, 10 County Road 6523, in Kirtland.

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