FARMINGTON — The Community Relations Commission won't celebrate "white history month," and a commission member apologized for saying she would organize such an event.

A commission member withdrew her motion to celebrate "white history month" so that it wouldn't be held.

The decision comes after Farmington resident Zang Wood, who is white, said he felt the Commission was discriminating against him by celebrating black, Hispanic and American Indian cultural periods, while not recognizing contributions of whites.

The commission should celebrate what he called "white history month," Wood said.

The federal government does not sanction such a cultural period as it does Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month and African American History Month.

Commission member Catalina Liles told Wood that she would organize a white history event at the Commission's January meeting. But at Monday's meeting, Liles asked the Commission to drop the event after criticism from fellow members and people who attended the meeting.

"I said, Ok, I can make white history month'" happen, Liles said. "So I'm sorry and I would like to apologize to all of you."

The Commission shouldn't make its decisions based on a complaint from one person, commission member Randy Joslin said. No one else has complained of a lack of white history celebrations.

"I'm not aware of any large outcry from the Anglo community that they are being discriminated against," Joslin said. "The whole concept of the white history thing is kind of repulsive to me.



Ken Ellison and Diane McCants-Allen spoke against white history month. Ellison suggested that commissioners organize a celebration of several cultures instead of recognizing each group individually.

Chairman David John denied that the Commission was organizing any cultural periods. Commission members only have latched onto events held by other organizations, he said.

However, the Commission organized a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month by bringing a storyteller who discussed Hispanic folk tales for an audience at the Farmington Public Library recently.

Commission members discussed whether to hold a celebration of white settlers in Farmington, but others quickly quashed the suggestion.

"That in itself is going to prove controversial," Joslin said.

John reported on attendance by him and Joslin to celebrate African American History Month at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event at San Juan College.

McCants-Allen corrected John, pointing out that African American History Month takes place in February. Commission members agreed to attend an event this month at her church, Ideal Baptist Church, to recognize the cultural period.

Commission members also discussed a complaint by people who said a manager at a business treated them poorly when they tried to get an income tax loan. Commission member Francis Mitchell agreed to help the people resolve their dispute with the business.