FARMINGTON - A 10,000-pound natural gas well servicing rig was reported stolen Monday from a Weatherford equipment yard in Farmington.

Police had not found the $100,000 Kenworth truck through Tuesday.

"You would think that it would be easy to find," said Dave Anderson, the supervisor at the Weatherford location where the rig went missing.

The truck was reported missing at a Weatherford yard on South Browning Parkway in Farmington, said police Lt. Daryl Noon.

Police believe the burglar crashed the truck through a gate surrounding the complex sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning, Noon said.

Anderson said Weatherford employees saw the truck parked on company property at 10:30 p.m. Sunday and reported it missing 10 a.m. the following morning.

Keys are not left inside company vehicles overnight, Anderson said.

Weatherford only had one Kenworth truck. It is used about once per month to service oil and natural gas wells, Anderson said. The truck costs $100,000 and repairs to the gate were $1,500, he said.

The truck is white with Weatherford's emblems on the side doors. The crane on the back of it is about eight-feet long when it's not being used and can extend 20 feet in the air, Anderson said.

A description of the vehicle was broadcast to all law enforcement agencies from the Four Corner's Region to the U.S./Mexico border, said police Det. Sgt. Robert Perez. By Tuesday evening the broadcast hadn't produced any information.


Attempts were made to steal a second Weatherford vehicle, however it apparently got stuck during the heist. The pickup truck was not in its parking spot and found high-centered in a ditch on company property Monday morning, Anderson said.