FARMINGTON — Area narcotics agents seized an additional $46,000 in cash Thursday evening following a raid earlier that morning which led to the arrest of nine individuals with known connections to Michoacán Mexican cartel, authorities said.

Agents from Region II Narcotics Task Force, San Juan County and Farmington SWAT teams, Sheriff's deputies and the Bloomfield Police Department early Thursday morning executed numerous search warrants and arrest warrants at four different residences in Kirtland and Crouch Mesa, where about $25,000 in cash, six vehicles and one handgun were seized, Region II Narcotics Task Force Sgt. Phil Goodwin said.

Police seized one of the vehicles at a commercial business in Kirtland — a business that was not involved in the raid, Region II Narcotics Task Force Lt. Neil Haws said.

Documents found in the morning's raid led agents to a storage shed in Kirtland, where the additional money was found, Haws said.

Casimiro Diaz, 25; Sergio Diaz, 39; Javier Saucedo-Martinez, 34; Arian Biamum, 47; Coloma Rosemary Rivera-Smith, 39; Denton Thomason, 46; Jesus Montes-Perez, 23; Claudia Saucedo-Martinez, 20; and Juana Saucedo-Martinez, 20, were arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine.

Six of the nine individuals are Mexican nationals and are believed to be in the country illegally, Haws said.

Charges against the individuals will be filed in state court and authorities placed a U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement hold on the individuals believed to be in the country illegally.


The ICE hold ensures those here illegally will be deported following the outcome of the criminal investigation, including any possible prison sentences they might serve if found guilty, Haws said.

Agents will pursue forfeitures on the money that was seized, which will be used for the task force's operational funding, Haws said.

The investigation is ongoing.