SHIPROCK — Witnesses of a reported tornado touchdown Wednesday said the sky turned dark and winds tossed garbage throughout the community.

The storm moved west to east over the Shiprock community at about 4:30 p.m., said Amber Lee, who lives on the west side of Shiprock.

No severe injuries were reported. Calls seeking incident reports from the Northern Navajo Medical Center were not returned.

“The twister was spinning above our house,” Lee said. “I was picking up my kids from school and I saw the clouds. They were pretty scary. They were coming from three directions and they were dark and low.”

The storm moved toward the west, Lee said, where it reportedly touched ground.

“There was lots of debris going up into the cloud,” she said. “There was lots of trash going up, flying around in the air above our home. It just moved slowly east, spinning, and then the rain came down.”