FARMINGTON — When the mention of a monster truck show is made, one word comes to mind: mayhem. And that's just what folks in San Juan County can experience today as the Amp Tour Monster Truck Thrill Show makes a stop in Farmington for two shows, 2 p.m. and 8 p.m, today at the McGee Park Memorial Coliseum.

Known as "Masters of the small arena," the Amp Tour brings enormous 10,000-pound, 10-foot-tall, 2,000-plus horsepower masters of destruction known as monster trucks to arenas all over the country.

"This is not your ordinary truck show," said tour manager Ron Leach. "If it's crazy stuff you want, then it's crazy stuff you'll get. We have it all."

The crowd can expect to see high-flying motorcycles, monster trucks Defender, the Eliminator and Project X zooming past them, as well as death-defying attempts in the Globe of Death.

"Anything goes in this show," said Project X driver Kelvin Poore. "I do all freestyle tricks and tremendously big sky-wheelies."

Poore, who's been driving for 14 years, drives a concept truck, meaning his truck frame has no body to it, just roll bars.

"I'm not scared of anything," Poore said. "My truck rolls over and lands back on its tires and it's a huge rush. I'll keep driving like this until I can't drive anymore."

The tour has evolved into a show that all fans of motor sports can enjoy. It's the most exciting family entertainment available at such an affordable price, promoters say.


"This show is for those wanting to see high energy, tons of excitement, mixed with chaos and destruction," Leach said.

The show is family-friendly and lasts about two hours.

The Amp Tour travels the country during its three-month venture, visiting 27 cities.

This is the sixth year the tour has returned to Farmington.

"It's like a homecoming of sorts for us," Leach said. "Over the years, we have gotten to know some of the locals and they continue to welcome us every year. We'll keep coming back as long as they keep letting us."

Gates open at 12:30 for the 2 p.m. matinee and at 6:30 for the 8 p.m. show.

Tickets are $12 for all ages 3 and above and can be purchased at the Boot Barn, 4601 E. Main St. in Farmington.

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