FARMINGTON — A man flying a single-engine Cessna plane made an emergency landing at Farmington Regional Airport on Tuesday because he was having a possible stroke, said Airport Manager Ben Trujillo.

The man landed safely at the airport around 12:30 Tuesday, Trujillo said.

The man and his wife were flying from San Bernardino International Airport in San Bernardino, Calif. to Colorado Springs, Colo. when he made the emergency landing, Trujillo said.

The man was transported to San Juan Regional Medical Center. His name and condition were not made available because of patient privacy laws, said Farmington Fire Chief Terry Page.

“It appeared to be a pretty good landing,” Trujillo said.

A Continental Airlines Boeing 737 carrying 167 people made an emergency landing at the airport in March 2010 because a passenger had a heart attack.

“It happens,” Page said. “A plane is a vehicle just like any other vehicle.”