FARMINGTON — A 61-year-old Farmington man was dubbed "John Doe" by Utah police after he spent more than three weeks in jail without being identified.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office identified Philip Beavers after a family member called on Tuesday.

The phone call was one of hundreds of people attempting to identify him after the agency sent out a nationwide press release seeking help, Sheriff's Lt. Dennis Harris said.

Provo, Utah, police arrested Beavers on July 1, after he was found lurking around city vehicles in a garage under the police department, Harris said.

Beavers was observed looking into the vehicles' windows and was asked to leave the area two or three times.

"He seemed to be down and out and looking for something," Harris said.

Beavers was charged with criminal trespass, failure to give information to a police officer and interfering with an investigation.

Despite the arrest, Beavers would not give officers his true identify.

"The Sheriff's Office received more than 100 emails from citizens throughout the United States," Harris reported.

Some of the suggested identities included Lee Harvey Oswald, D.B. Cooper, Frank Morris, an escapee from Alcatraz, and a district attorney from Pennsylvania, Harris said.

"Of course I am sure some people were just trying to be funny, but the vast majority of people were very concerned in helping us to identify the inmate currently incarcerated," he said.

The agency spent more than 100 hours trying to identify the man.


Family members, who declined to be identified, told police that Beavers left Farmington about June 24. They indicated that Beavers lost his job and could not find work.

He remains incarcerated at the Utah County jail on a $1,200 bond, a jail spokeswoman said.