HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Dreams do come true in this mystical place.

They did here tonight for Farmington couple Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, who after 16 years of trying, finally saw their love story begin to make it from personal vows of love and commitment to the big screens of theaters around the world.

"I think it finally has sunk in as to the immensity of what we're involved in," Kim said in an interview only about an hour before he and wife Krickitt took to the red carpet for the world premiere of "The Vow" at the Grauman Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Crowds lined the streets hours before the event, hoping to get a glimpse of all the excitement.

Movie stars, producers and entertainment media of all the most famous sorts were there in person just like folks back home imagine from watching television and reading the newspapers and tabloids. Right there in the middle of it all, getting just as much special attention as movie stars Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, was the real couple, Kim and Krickitt from Farmington, New Mexico.

Earlier Monday afternoon, the couple was curious about the theater setting they knew would transition soon from the normal hub-bub of Hollywood street vendors and tourists to the glitzy Hollywood of red carpet , spotlights and hundreds of media shouting at them. Not to mention, they knew they would be sharing the walkway with movie stars, playing the role of them, no less.


One of the theater managers saw them and asked who they were, and when they explained, he insisted they take a private tour of the handsome theater that would host them for the night.

"It took the butterflies away, in a sense," said Krickitt. "It makes you not as nervous because you know what to expect and what's to come. It was kind of fun."

Their two children, Krickitt's parents, and several close friends joined them in Hollywood, and both Kim and Krickitt expressed thanks for all the support from San Juan County.

"We got a lot of feedback today from the article," Kim said of Monday's Daily Times' story. "It's just amazing the people we have in our community and their support of us. I'm proud of where I'm from. I'm proud to say I'm from there."

San Juan county is "one of the best-kept secrets, in my opinion," said Kim, who in his day job is the chief executive officer for the county administration.

"It's exciting after all these years that it's finally happening, but it's the Lord's perfect timing," Krickitt said.

They weren't the only ones excited about the story finally hitting the big screen Monday night.

Producer Paul Taublieb stuck with Kim and Krickitt for all of those years waiting for the right movie company at the right time to make it all come together. He and his wife, executive producer Susan Cooper, wanted for years to be able to see this story turn into a Hollywood production.

"It's a wonderful, wonderful story," Cooper said. "They are an amazing couple. And he stood by her. It was pretty hard in the movie. It was much harder in real life!

"Girls want to marry that kind of man," she said of Kim. "They want to marry a man who will stay with them forever."

Taublieb said he enjoyed seeing "The Vow" make it from real life to big screen.

"It's a sweet story," he said, thanking Kim and Krickitt for allowing him to tell it out of an estimated 47 producers who pursued the movie rights. "I'm glad they had faith in me."

Kim and Krickitt, meanwhile, say it is their faith in God that brought them through their many storms as shared in the true storyline of their romance.

"The Vow" hits screens nationwide on Friday night. The book will be released this week as well, and Kim and Krickitt will attend a book signing from 5-8 p.m. Friday at the Allen Theaters at Animas Valley Mall in Farmington.

They want to give the hometown fans a big thank you. After the glamour of Monday night and the whirlwind of media tours from Los Angeles to New York, they want to remind their friends and neighbors back home that they're excited about coming back.

"We absolutely love our community and the people in it who mean so much to us," Kim said.

Monday night, however, they weren't just Farmington's to brag about. They stole the show in Hollywood, and even the movie stars had to give a nod of thanks for the couple providing a meaningful role in a good movie, based on a true story even better.

Ah, you have to love a good ending.

Seeing the smiles on Kim and Krickitt, however, makes you think the story has just begun.

Troy Turner is the editor of The Daily Times. He can be contacted at tturner@daily-times.com, on Facebook at daily-times.com, or at P.O. Box 450, Farmington, NM 87499.