FARMINGTON — Every 15 minutes, someone in the United States dies as a result of a drunken driving accident.

Twenty-five students from Farmington High School will simulate their deaths today when they participate in Every 15 Minutes, a national program designed to teach students about the dangers of drinking and driving.

"The end result is everyone is absolutely amazed and surprised at the impact that it has for the people who have been drawn out of class, for those left in class, and the observers who are watching," said Scott Rounds, administrator of fire support services for the Farmington Fire Department.

Eight students will participate in a mock-single pickup rollover accident that will be located on Dustin Avenue between Civitan Golf Course and the back of the Farmington High School football field.

Beginning about 8:30 a.m. and lasting for approximately 45 minutes, emergency crews from throughout the county will simulate the accident and rescue, said Mike Mestas, emergency management coordinator.

Every 15 minutes after, an additional 17 students will be taken from the classroom, signifying a drunken driving death.

A viewing area will be located on practice field facing Dusting Avenue.

Following the simulation, all the participants will go to McGee Park where they will participate in team-building exercises and spend the night.

On Friday, the participants will gather back at the school for a schoolwide assembly. Part of the team-buiilding exercises involved student- and parent-letters written to their loved ones.


Those letters, which are the individual's expression of remorse, sadness and words that never were shared before each death, will be shared with the student body.

The program was last performed in 2010 at Rocinante High School, and last performed at Farmington High School in 2008.

"It's very successful," Rounds said.