FARMINGTON — The Four Corners Comprehensive Homeless Assistance Providers, a group of local service providers dedicated to fighting the city's homeless problem, had its third meeting on Thursday.

CHAP was started by the city's Community Relations Commission to organize the community's response to homelessness and to reduce any duplication of services.

"We have a website now," said Commissioner Leigh Irvin (who also works as a reporter for The Daily Times), who helped organize CHAP. "Now we want to get the word out and all start sharing information that way."

The website, located at, is envisioned to be a central location for information about services that are available to the homeless in the community, and it also offers a forum for interactive discussions concerning homelessness and substance abusers living on the street.

"The goal with each of your organizations is to slowly compile all the information and put it on the website," Irvin said. "That way there's a place people can go."

Irvin asked that information on various organizations and activities be sent to her to be added to the website.

Having access to the service information all in one place is exactly why Lynn Love, of San Juan County Partnership, was at Thursday's meeting.

"I'm looking forward to knowing more about the resources that are out there," Love said.


"We are looking for resources for clients after they leave us: networks, contacts, places to stay and even jobs."

One of those potential resources gave a presentation at Thursday's meeting.

David Velasquez and Beverly Charley, of New Mexico Workforce Connection, spoke about how their organization connects people with jobs.

Charley works with veterans.

"Our organization goes above and beyond," Charley said. "People bring in clothes, work clothes and work boots. We know about a lot of resources."

Charley offered her services to the various service agencies at the meeting, stressing that they like to help veterans even if they aren't looking for work.

The next CHAP meeting will be held August 23 at the Farmington Civic Center.

For more information about Four Corners CHAP, contact Leigh Irvin at 505-860-5909,