There's a group of talented and dedicated actors and technicians who have braved the high-degree temperatures and weathered a few 15-minute New Mexico rain showers to provide this community with a much needed night out at the theater. Sandstone Productions this summer is presenting "Fiddler on the Roof," a celebrated drama brought to life by an unpaid cast of local and regional performers every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening through Saturday, Aug. 4.

With this year seeing the largest cast in the company's history, 29 actors in all, good things must be brewing on stage and behind the scenes. Spending long hours rehearsing lines, learning songs and practicing dance moves doesn't come easy, but to this cast of committed actors, we'd like to give them a standing ovation.

The tireless efforts to show the Four Corners that Sandstone Productions and this production in particular is a beautiful, viable, necessary part of our community, and that we have the creativity and talent to execute a high quality, professional production is something the director Theresa Carson said hasn't gone unnoticed.

We'd like to agree.

The budget was cut for Sandstone projects in 2010, and one of the solutions to help generate funding was to allow Sandstone Productions to keep the revenue generated by ticket sales, something that had never happened before the 2010 season. The more tickets sales each show makes, the more funded the season becomes, providing a future for the small-town theater company.


While officials say this year's funding is OK, we'd like to see folks step up to the plate and do what they can to give back to the organization, either through time, talent or donation.

We know that the city of Farmington and the people of Farmington value the arts, as arts enhance the community and our culture as a whole. It would be a shame to see such a beautiful venue, the Lions Wilderness Amphitheater, lose the ones who love it the most, those who come out each night to perform on stage or those who sit in the audience to be entertained. The venue is stunning and we are fortunate to have it.

Local theater is essential in small communities like ours to give people another way to showcase their talents and to share with others a passion for the arts. Whether you can stand on the stage and recite lines or buy a ticket to sit in the audience, everyone can do something to see this organization continue to grow and continue to be a creative outlet for so many who need it.