FARMINGTON — San Juan County's polling stations processed more than 46,000 ballots Tuesday with only a few minor and isolated issues.

The general election was the first big test for the county clerk's Voting Convenience Center model. Voters were able to cast their ballots at any of the 23 centers, rather than being tied to a neighborhood precinct.

“I think it went exceptionally well,” said county Clerk Debbie Holmes. “We had very few problems with any of the equipment.”

Waits to vote varied, but at most polling places, it was only a few minutes. Long lines were reported at the Bloomfield Cultural Center and Farmington Museum at Gateway Park.

The county still has 788 ballots to count. Most of those are provisional ballots that will be included in the formal canvas that begins Thursday.

Several voters said in interviews that they prefer the convenience of the Voting Convenience Center model.

“It's a great idea,” said Kris Reinhardt, 54, who cast her ballot at Farmington Museum. “You can go to whatever's closest to you.”

Clara Mason, 77, also voiced support for the Voting Convenience Centers. She cast her ballot at the Farmington Public Library.

“It's kind of neat,” she said.

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