FARMINGTON — Eve's Fund for Native American Health Initiatives received more than $10,800 from the Con Alma Health Foundation.
The award was one of 22 grants given by Con Alma to New Mexico nonprofits working to support long-term systemic changes that will improve health in the state.
Eve's Fund will use the grant to expand its ThinkFirst Navajo Injury Prevention Program, which reduces brain and spinal cord injuries and fatalities among at-risk Navajo youth and teens by providing culturally sensitive, free education to schools on the Navajo Nation.
“Our program teaches children in grades one through 12 how to avoid risky behaviors that can cause brain and spinal cord injuries, and death,” said Barbara Crowell Roy, president of Eve's Fund.
In 2013, ThinkFirst Navajo expects to teach 3,000 to 4,5000 students about serious injuries related to vehicle crashes, sports injuries, alcohol, violence and other factors.
Navajo speakers with paraplegia are scheduled to make presentations at 30 or more schools across the Navajo Nation.
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