FARMINGTON &Mdash; The San Juan Symphony will feature Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem during a presentation of "Lolla Palooza! Dread, Redemption, Nirvana" at San Juan College this Sunday.

The symphony is partnering with Farmington's Caliente Community Chorus and the Durango Choral Society, as well as some local high school musicians for the performance.

Mozart composed the requiem in Vienna, Austria, in 1791, and it was unfinished at the time of the composer's death at age 35.

The Mass, which had been anonymously commissioned by Franz von Walsegg to commemorate the anniversary of his wife's death, was later completed by Franz Xavier Sussmayr.

"As the most accomplished work among Mozart's extensive repertoire of Masses, the Requiem masterfully balances the beauty of the music with the contrasting text," said Caliente Director Virginia Nickels-Hircock. "The fear of death on one hand, and the hope for God's grace on the other."

There is a dramatic and enigmatic story behind Mozart's final work, which was highlighted in the 1979 play "Amadeus."

The play was later made into an award-winning movie that introduced Mozart and much of his music to millions of people who otherwise would never have learned about the brilliant, yet eccentric composer.

Sara Dean, a member of the Caliente choir, said she has sung the Requiem in the past, which has made relearning the piece much easier.


"I find the Requiem to be a very emotional piece - not only the music, but the lyrics," she said. "There are moments that are so loud and powerful, and then others that are so sublime and powerful."

This is Caliente's second collaboration with the San Juan Symphony and Durango Choral Society.

"We are delighted and honored to prepare and present this historic work," said Nichols-Hircock. "The performance will illustrate the versatility of our ensemble, moving from our recent Cabaret' performance to a difficult choral master work. Whether you are in the spirit of remembrance or are yearning for a thrilling musical experience, the Requiem will not disappoint."

Dean agrees that performing the Requiem is an important step for the community choir.

"It's a treat to be performing such a significant piece, and it's wonderful that this community supports such a major musical undertaking," she said.

"Lolla Palooza!" will be performed Sunday at 3 p.m. at the San Juan College Henderson Performance Hall.

Additional information can be obtained by visiting or by calling 505-566-3430.

There will also be a performance of "Lolla Palooza!" at the Fort Lewis Concert Hall in Durango at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday.