Farmington High's Jermey Klepac was named the 4A soccer state player of the year by the coaches on Sunday.

Klepac scored nine goals and had six assists for the Scorpion team that fell one win short of defending its state title.

His most important goal came in the state semifinals against Capital to give FHS a 1-0 win and advance to the state title match.

The senior midfielder was joined on the 4A all-state first team by three Scorp teammates — forward Naeem Begay and defenders Curtis Hunt and Nathaniel Pavlik.

Begay was one of the top scorers for FHS with seven goals.

Hunt and Pavlik played important roles in a Scorpion defense that gave up just 20 goals in 19 games.

Pavlik also chipped in on the offensive side with two goals and three assists.

On the girls team, the Aztec Lady Tigers had two players receive first-team honors after finishing as the runner-up in the state tournament.

Senior defender Tyra Gabehart earned a spot after anchoring one of the strongest defenses in 4A.

The Lady Tiger co-captain also added eight goals and seven assists on the season.

Since joining the team in eighth grade, Gabehart has played a vital role in Aztec's success, said Lady Tiger head coach Stephen Parks.

"She's been a big part of this program for the last five years," Parks said. "Her absence is going to leave a big hole to fill. She's a special player, and this is a great way for her to cap off her career."

Gabehart was joined on the first team by teammate Jessica Kresl.


The junior midfielder was a key cog in the Lady Tiger offense, scoring 11 goals and dishing out 12 assists.

Her biggest moment of the season came when she propelled Aztec to their first state title match with the game-winning goal in overtime against Los Alamos in the semifinals.

Parks will look for Kresl spark the Tigers' attack next season.

"The offense that she provides will be big for us," he said.

Farmington senior defender Molly Merrion represented the Lady Scorps in the squad.

Merrion co-captained a Farmington team that advanced to the quarterfinals.

She scored four goals and had three assists, while playing occasionally in a forward role this season.

Junior forward Zoey Hooper made the team for Kirtland Central.

Hooper was one of the top scorers in the state with 20 goals for the Lady Broncos.

She scored a goal in Kirtland's 2-1 win over Valencia in the first round of the state tournament.

Farmington boys head coach Ryan Atkinson was unable to be reached for this story by press time.

Boys soccer

4A All-State Team

1st Team

Name Grade School Position

Victor Gallegos 12 Chaparral GK

Curtis Hunt 12 Farmington DEF

Gustavo Munoz 12 Los Lunas DEF

Nathaniel Pavlik 11 Farmington DEF

Daniel Torres 12 Chaparral DEF

Adrian Espinoza 12 Chaparral MID

Jermey Klepac 12 Farmington MID

Richardo Mijares 12 Chaparral MID

Chase Snyder 11 ABQ Academy MID

Naeem Begay 12 Farmington FWD

Alejandro Garcia 10 Los Lunas FWD

Edgar Lopez 12 Chaparral FWD

Jesus Ramos 12 Chaparral FWD

2nd Team

Name Grade School Position

Isaac Kynast 11 Farmington GK

Gavin Hall 12 ABQ Academy DEF

Brandon Hodges 11 Los Alamos DEF

Ben Stewart 12 Los Alamos DEF

Zayne Walterscheid 12 Los Alamos DEF

Said Aguilera 12 Los Lunas MID

Jorge Chavira 11 Farmington MID

John Paul Langsfeld 12 ABQ Academy MID

Henry Steinkamp 12 Los Alamos MID

David Gros 11 St. Pius FWD

Irving Lopez 12 Farmington FWD

Martin Saenz 12 Los Lunas FWD

Andrew Stone 12 ABQ Academy FWD

Honorable Mention

Name Grade School Position

Branson Carter 9 Farmington DEF

Jaime Quezada 10 Farmington DEF

Ismael Quintana 9 Farmington MID

Omar Romero 12 Farmington FWD

Raul Terrazas 11 Farmington FWD

Isaac Valencia 11 Farmington FWD

Girls Soccer

4A All-State Team

1st Team

Name Grade School Position

Bryce Theesfeld 12 Los Alamos GK

Stephanie Blair 11 Los Alamos DEF

Brooks Brennan 11 ABQ Academy DEF

Tyra Gabehart 12 Aztec DEF

Molly Merrion 12 Farmington DEF

Michele Baca 11 ABQ Academy MID

Gabrielle Campbell 12 St. Pius MID

Jessica Kresl 11 Aztec MID

Adrianna Naranjo 12 St. Pius MID

Lissy Saiz 11 ABQ Academy MID

Natalie DuBoise 11 ABQ Academy FWD

Zoey Hooper 11 Kirtland Central FWD

Mackenzie Miller 12 ABQ Academy FWD

Amelia Neal 12 Los Alamos FWD

2nd Team

Name Grade School Position

Ellae Montoya 12 Farmington GK

Macie Clemens 11 St. Pius DEF

Hannah Etcitty 11 Miyamura DEF

Laura Foder 12 Piedra Vista DEF

Jessica Scherrer 12 Del Norte DEF

Kayli Farmer 11 Aztec MID

Kaitlin Leslie 12 Los Alamos MID

Amy Rosebrough 12 Miyamura MID

Lacy Garcia 11 Aztec FWD

Kelcie Gerry 12 Aztec FWD

Hannah Kelley 9 Farmington FWD

Hailey Morris 10 Aztec FWD

Honorable Mention

Name Grade School Position

Sara Engert 10 Piedra Vista GK

Jennifer Hastings 12 Kirtland Central GK

Hannah Jones 12 Aztec GK

Kassia Barber 11 Aztec DEF

Haley Hitchcock 10 Piedra Vista DEF

Tamia Maryboy 10 Kirtland Central DEF

Rikki Newland 10 Aztec DEF

Bailey Carter 9 Farmington MID

Samantha McCall 12 Piedra VIsta MID

Morgan Smith 11 Aztec MID

Ashton Staley 11 Farmington MID

Kanani Tapaha 12 Kirtland Central MID

Erica Briseno 12 Piedra Vista FWD

Deana Charlie 10 Kirtland Central FWD

Katelynn Flack 11 Farmington FWD

Jade Santillanes 9 Piedra Vista FWD


1A-3A All-State Team

1st Team

Name Grade School Position

John Twohig 10 Sandia Prep GK

Caleb Bia 12 Rehoboth DEF

Caleb Eckenroth 11 Sandia Prep DEF

Evan Hicks 11 Bosque DEF

Nicko Krebbs 12 Hope Christian DEF

Danny Bremer-Bennett 12 Rehoboth MID

Devin Edwards 11 Hope Christian MID

Kyle Frank 11 Bosque MID

Ryan Hunter 10 Sandia Prep MID

Felipe Galvis 12 Bosque FWD

Preston Houser 12 Sandia Prep FWD

Andres Rivera 12 Bosque FWD

Graham Sides 12 Santa Fe Prep FWD

2nd Team

Name Grade School Position

Keaton Gruda 12 Hope Christian GK

Soren Bujold 12 St. Michael's DEF

Liam Jensen 11 Taos DEF

Jackson Lee 10 Sandia Prep DEF

Nate Odegard 10 Sandia Prep DEF

Sheldon Hall 12 Sandia Prep MID

Colin Lopez 12 Sandia Prep MID

Luis Lozoya 11 Monte Del Sol MID

Greg Trost 12 Bosque MID

Jorge Garza 12 NM Military FWD

Charles Lee 12 Hope Christian FWD

Matt McChesney 12 Monte Del Sol FWD

Inigo Ostolaza 11 St. Michael's FWD

Honorable Mention

Name Grade School Position

Ariel Morales11 Bloomfield GK

Raul Fonseca 10 Bloomfield FWD