Augusta Liddic/The Daily TimesShoppers get carts before entering Target for Black Friday sales on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012.
Augusta Liddic/The Daily Times Shoppers get carts before entering Target for Black Friday sales on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012. (Augusta Liddic)
FARMINGTON — Shoppers are reporting a more pleasant Black Friday shopping experience this year in spite of mixed reactions to earlier store opening times.

Lines started forming at some Farmington locations as early as late morning, snaking their way around stores and through parking lots as crowds geared up for a night of shopping.

Meghan Yazzie, 20, of Kirtland was the first person in line. She arrived at 10:45 a.m.

The line didn't start forming until about 1 p.m. she said.

"For a while, people would just drive by and see how long the line was," Yazzie said. "It wasn't so bad this year."

Some shoppers reported that Black Friday shopping has become an affordable way of stocking up on everyday items.

"This is what we do on Thanksgiving," Kristy Lewis, 25, of Farmington. "Especially when you have kids, clothes can get really expensive. This is a good time to stock up for the year."

Lewis and her friend, Katrina Ortiz, 25, of Farmington, have done their Black Friday shopping at Target for the past four years.

They say it's the best place in town for Black Friday shopping, and that this year's warmer temperatures made waiting in line a much more pleasant experience.

"Doing Black Friday shopping at Target is just nicer," Ortiz said. "Target's more organized than Walmart, and I would rather pay a couple extra dollars on some items than deal with the Walmart crowds."

Target seems to have become the most popular Black Friday spot in Farmington.


"At Best Buy it's a lot harder to get what you want, and Walmart is just crazy, chaos," said Fether Whitecrow, 29, of Farmington.

Thursday night's shopping experience seems to have come and gone without any major incidents for retailers as well.

"Last night was awesome," said Sheri Robison, a senior team leader at the Target sales floor. "Things died down in the morning, but really picked back up around eleven."

Among this year's big sellers were Barbie dolls, Disney princess kitchen sets, small appliances, DVDs, Dual DVD players, Play Stations and Nintendo Wiis, Robison said.

"Last year there was a little more of a wild crowd," she said. "It's been great, and the best part is that we still have products available."

However, not all shoppers were fans of the earlier opening times.

"I think it's crazy," said Alexis Gonzales, 18, of Blanco. "We had to cut dinner short."

Gonzales was waiting in line at Target with her sister Jillian, 21. They were shopping for a Nikon point and shoot camera. Although they would rather be at home, they say that the Black Friday shopping is a necessity because it's the best way to get deals on early Christmas shopping.

"I think it's ridiculous, but I still love shopping," said Katelyn Utley, 15, of Farmington who waited in line for five hours before doors opened. "People need to be more relaxed."

Other shoppers complained that stores opened at different times.

"I think it's ridiculous because all the times are different for the shops," said Brandon Debates, 28, of Durango.