AZTEC — The city commission on Tuesday approved making improvements to a five-lot subdivision and to pay for construction costs for the South Main Gateway parking lot and Animas Street.

The parking lot project will cost nearly $47,000 and will involve work on reconstruction of the corner of Animas Street, an 11-space parking lot and street improvements on the curve of Animas Street to ease traffic flow and increase safety.

The commission also approved making improvements to Bridlewood subdivision, a small parcel of county land roughly two miles outside Aztec city limits.

Among many the issues discussed was what potential development might occur adjacent to the land in the future.

"It's entirely possible that the neighboring land could be used many ways," said Roshana Moojen, City Development Manager. "These may be private or commercial development or ranching land we can't predict that, so we need to ensure there is enough of an easement to accommodate all scenarios."

Other considerations involved the land's parcel size allotment for septic tanks and the fact that unincorporated land like Bridlewood has above ground power, which conflicts with the city's current code.

"We optioned the property six years ago, before the (housing) bust," said Lonny Rutherford, owner of the land. "Everything is cash out of my pocket, and I have to keep the lots at a saleable price."