Jon Austria/The Daily TimesAnimas Elementary School recently completed the new library wing at the school.
Jon Austria/The Daily Times Animas Elementary School recently completed the new library wing at the school.
FARMINGTON — With the completion of the library addition at Animas Elementary, Librarian Sheri Dolly is excited to be moving back in with nearly 15,000 books ready to be put back on the shelves.

Dolly has been working with her parental assistant Lanele Scott since Monday to unpack the approximate 350 boxes of books, most of which sat in storage since the school year started.

"To me, it's quite a big space," Dolly said. "There is room for our tables and chairs with plenty of room between bookshelves. It's not at all crammed in here."

Farmington Municipal School officials received the certificate of occupancy to use the space on Nov. 21, the first day of Thanksgiving break.

That day, school workers started relocating the library furniture and boxes of books into the newly-built addition from the portable classroom Dolly was operating out of in the back of the school grounds.

"We had half of the space for tables, books and students while the rest was used for storage of boxes," Dolly said. "We only had 1/4 of the fiction out while everything else was boxed up."

The work is part of the $50-million bond passed in 2010, which includes the construction of the new Tibbets Middle School on the north side of town, near Twin Peaks Boulevard.

According to James Barfoot, assistant superintendent of operations, this phase of the project cost approximately $1.


6 million, which includes the new library and remodeling the administration office area, nurse's office, restrooms and converting the old library space into more classrooms and offices.

"In the interior remodel right before the kids started (the school year), our old library was kind of subdivided into classrooms," Principal Rhonda Attaway said. "We also got a new teacher work room, a remodeled staff lounge, have a new main and principal's office, a new conference room, and a new nurse's office."

Supervisor for FMS Plant Operations Steve Vollmert said the administration area before the renovation was small and boxy and with the renovation work, was able to give them more space and a conference room, which is new to the building.

Vollmert was impressed by the job the contractor, Useman Construction and the design firm, Greer Stafford Architects, did on the building.

"They did an excellent job, they have done numerous jobs for us in the past," Vollmert said. "Animas Elementary needed a little TLC. All the kids get to enjoy it and it's nice to dress up the old building more modern and the administration gets more areas to bring in new people."

The construction has very minor issues, said Administrator of Construction for Greer Stafford Architects, Rick Page said.

"When we started putting the foundation in, we found that the existing sewer line running under the library was getting old and deteriorated," Page said. "(We) went ahead with budgeted money and a change order, pulled the old line out and put a new line in. No sense to build on a old, rotten sewer line."

As of Thursday afternoon, Scott and Dolly had unpacked about 60 boxes of books, a process which included reorganizing how every book would be located in the library.

In the previous library configuration, the books were listed by a number used in the school's Accelerated Reader program, corresponding with the level of difficulty the books were listed as in the literacy program.

"Part of the elementary curriculum is learning the Dewey Decimal system," Dolly said. "So we are using this as a opportunity to re-categorize everything back to the Dewey Decimal system with the AR number on them."

Dolly was excited for a section of the library set aside for a reading nook to be used by teachers for story time with their students. But Dolly was still determining ways to use the new space.

"It's still pretty overwhelming," Dolly said.