AZTEC — A woman pleaded no contest on Friday to running over a Farmington police officer at the end of car chase in February 2011.

Thuhang Ho, 22, will be sentenced Tuesday for causing great bodily harm by motor vehicle, a third-degree felony which carries a three-year sentence.

As a condition of her plea agreement, Ho will get credit for time served and serve the remainder of her sentence at the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute in Las Vegas where she can receive mental-health treatment, District Judge John Dean said in court.

A no-contest plea is when a defendant says they will not fight the charges but it stands as a conviction.

The district attorney's office dismissed six counts of criminal damage to property and aggravated fleeing of law enforcement.

"With the defense of insanity being a legitimate defense it was in the best interest of everybody to get Ms. Ho housed in Las Vegas," Deputy District Attorney Robert Gentile said in court.

Steven Murphy, Ho's attorney, said she suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

He said Ho was born in Indonesia to Vietnamese parents and spent part of her childhood in Vietnam before she came to the United States as a 9 year old.

He said she had a psychotic episode weeks before her arrest which caused her to behave irrationally.

In early February 2011, Murphy said Ho was detained by police when she was pulled over while driving with a mutilated teddy bears and ripped dollar bills and irrational sayings scribbled all over her car.


Police took her to the San Juan County Behavioral Health Office where she stayed for several days.

When she was released she took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she stayed up for days, Murphy said.

She returned to Farmington and started harassing a man who worked at Conoco Phillips. She told police the man was her boyfriend. Murphy said they had gone on a date two years earlier.

On Feb. 17, 2011, Ho arrived at the Conoco Phillips building on U.S. 64. She urinated on the man's car and sheriff's deputies were called to the scene.

When deputies arrived Ho rammed her car into their vehicles and led them on a car chase into Farmington.

Jared Stock, a Farmington police officer, was laying stop sticks at the intersection of Main Street and Browning Parkway when Ho steered her car in his direction and ran into him, Gentile said.

Stock was injured and taken to San Juan Regional Medical Center. Stock's left knee was injured when he was struck.

His right arm was broken and he has multiple scars.

"My knee will never be 100 percent again," he said on Friday.

Stock said he couldn't work as a police officer for seven months after the incident.

He returned to work in August 2011 for light duty but was not allowed to work in the field. He was cleared for active duty in August 2012. He remains a Farmington police officer.

"I honestly don't have any hard feelings," he said. "She needs help. Whatever it takes to get her off the streets so she can get help and not herself or someone else."

Stock was not at court on Friday but is expected to speak at Ho's sentencing next week.

He said he agreed to the plea agreement.

Ho asked the judge through an interpreter if she could serve her sentence in the civil wing of the hospital because it's more comfortable.

"I can't tell them how to run the hospital but I'll try to make some recommendation that would help you out," Dean said.

Ho's case was scheduled to go to trial Dec. 4. Murphy said he was prepared to show Ho had a long history of mental illness.

"If we were going to trial, we had 12 episodes where (Farmington police) arrested her and took her to the behavioral health office for a litany of things," he said. "Then she would be released and the cycle would start over."