FARMINGTON — While boogers, tears and slobber are among the usual concerns that Santa Clause has when he sits in his chair every year to take pictures with his most loyal followers, slobber on Saturday was the biggest.

About 100 dogs, and one cat, sat on or near Santa for portraits as part of a fundraising effort for the construction of the new Farmington Animal Shelter.

The event was held at Big Lots discount retail store in Farmington. The store put into place one of its chairs and a fireplace as a backdrop.

The shelter raised about $-- that will go toward the new facility, which is expected to break ground in January and cost up to $4 million.

The photo shoot was a first for the animal shelter, which has run the gamut in thinking of new ways to raise money for the much needed facility.

"We ran out of ideas, so we bought a Santa suit," said Joyce Grimm, a volunteer at the shelter.

An array of canines showed for the event, some naughty and some nice.

"He broke our remote," said Crystal Tsinnie, who brought in Chevy, her English Bulldog. Otherwise, he was pretty well behaved this year.

Chevy, among others, had to have a series of treats and a squeaky hamburger-shaped toy to prompt a pose.

Others were flat-out scared of the man in the big red suit and fluffy white beard and could not help but tremble and attempt to run.

"She was nervous," said Julie Wilder of her 14-year-old mixed breed named Ignants, who is partially blind and deaf.

While a good handful of the photos were more humorous than flattering, still the owners were pleased to help the shelter out.


"I believe in adopting from the shelter, and I believed in getting them fixed," said Wilder.

The shelter constantly is overwhelmed with dogs, cats and other animals, mostly a result of the many pets in the county that have not been spayed or neutered.