BLOOMFIELD — Residents voting in the upcoming Bloomfield school board election, which includes the question of continuing the school tax levy, will see a change in where they can vote.

The Bloomfield Board of Education approved a measure earlier this week that will change the voting locations from nine precincts to four voting convenience centers for the Feb. 5 election. Registered voters will be able to vote at any of the four centers.

Three board member seats are up for reelection along with the capital-improvements tax question.

The 2 mill levy a property tax of $2 per $1,000 of net taxable value of property is a continuance of the existing mill levy. Under that levy, a Bloomfield home valued at $133,500, the Bloomfield median value in 2010 according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is taxed about $267 per year.

The district's registered voters can cast ballots at Blanco Elementary School on 7313 U.S. Hwy 64, Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School on 35 Road 7585, Huerfano Chapter Facilities on 536 Road 7150 and at the Bloomfield Cultural Center on 333 S. First Street.

Absentee voting will continue to take place at the San Juan County Courthouse in Aztec.

For residents interesting in running for one of the board member seats, declarations of candidacy and a sworn statement of intent must be filed between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Dec. 18 in the County Clerk office at the county courthouse.

Voter registration for the election must be completed by 5 p.m. on Jan. 8.


Also approved by the board members was the acquisition of a 135-foot communications tower for $1.

The board approved the paperwork necessary to purchase the cellular transmission tower from Nelson Cadava, who owns the land where it stands.

The tower, worth an estimated $50,000, was signed over to Cadava by Trillion Partners. It will provide service to Blanco school, which still depends on radio for Internet and network communication.

A $2,400 yearly payment to Cadava for a 50-by-70 foot easement on his land also was approved.

Cadava will retain ownership of the land but the easement allows the school district access to the property and the opportunity to construct or install a gate and make other improvements to the site.

The district currently uses space rented off a private residence for communication with the school, which has presented problems.

"One of the big things for us is power outages at the house, " Director of Finance and Operations Gary Giron said. "When that happens, Blanco goes down. We've had to run out there and try to fix things."