FARMINGTON — A Farmington woman on Wednesday discovered she was a millionaire after she found a forgotten Powerball ticket in her car.

She'd purchased the ticket a few weeks ago.

Marjorie McDaniel was the state's ninth lottery millionaire after she claimed her prize on Thursday. Her quick-pick ticket had the winning white ball numbers of 5, 16, 22, 23, and 29, missing only the red Powerball of 6.

The missed number cost her a share of the $587 million jackpot that was coveted nationally during the last days of November. Ticket holders in Arizona and Missouri lay claim to the record jackpot.

Still, McDaniel, who has been playing Powerball for 20 years in New Mexico, was happy enough to win $1 million. Even before Powerball was in New Mexico, she used to play by heading over the state border to Colorado.

"She said, I didn't want to count my chickens too soon,'" said Linda Hamlin, spokeswoman for the New Mexico Lottery.

McDaniel found the ticket at the bottom of a pile of coupons on her car floor. It was one of 66,000 tickets sold in New Mexico for the Nov. 28 drawing that won at least something.

She brought the ticket into a store to have a clerk check it. He said it was a "big winner."

"The store manager gave me a pen and said, You sign that ticket right now,'" McDaniel told lottery officials in Albuquerque on Thursday. "He wasn't going to let me leave until I signed it.



McDaniel expects to spend the money by paying off the mortgage on her home, and then getting new windows for it. If she has any money left over, she said she will invest it, though she would not say what she would invest in.

McDaniel bought her ticket at the same store that sold a $1 million winning Powerball ticket earlier this year, the 7-2-11 store located at 5697 U.S. Highway 64.

Blanco residents Larry and Cynthia Martinez won their earnings in January at the same spot. The store has sold 24 large prize-winning tickets ranging from $1,000 to $1 million. For selling the $1 million-winning ticket, the store is eligible for a $2,500 New Mexico Lottery bonus.