Farmington police identified the officer and suspect who was killed in an officer-involved shooting Tuesday.

Farmington police Sgt. Shawn Scott shot Mark Chavez, a 49-year-old Farmington man, at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Farmington police Lt. Taft Tracy said in a news release.

Tracy said Chavez had called police and lured them to a residence at 912 Loma Linda in Farmington. He said he had killed a woman, though police found no evidence to support the claim. 

Scott was the first officer on scene. Chavez was holding a blunt impact weapon and refused to put it down.

Scott originally tried to stop Chavez with a Taser but it was ineffective.

Footage from Scott's patrol car shows that Chavez aggressively approached Scott with the weapon before Scott shot him in the leg and torso.

Chavez was transported to San Juan Regional Medical Center where he died.

Scott has been placed on paid administrative leave while New Mexico State Police and Farmington police investigate the shooting, Tracy said.

It was the third time in Scott's career he was involved in a shooting, Tracy said. He fatally shot a suspect in 2006 and shot and injured a man in 2009 who was then taken into custody.

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