FARMINGTON — With the aid of video surveillance and identifications by Farmington teachers, police officers arrested two juvenile male suspects for breaking into two Farmington schools and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

School Resource Officer Andreas Aikele said two 17-year old males each have been charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of criminal damage to property after vandalizing Tibbetts Middle School and Farmington High.

Police did not release the names of the subjects Tuesday afternoon. They are currently being held in the San Juan County Juvenile Detention Center.

"Because there was such extensive damage done to the schools, it was pretty much no question they would be going to jail," Aikele said.

Assistant Superintendent of Operations James Barfoot said the estimated damages are approximately $20,000 to $25,000 between the two schools with Farmington High getting the worst of it.

Despite the fact the suspects concealed their faces with bandanas, one male was identified by surveillance video. Aikele said several teachers also identified the male in the video, which was passed around the school district Monday.

The video also helped determine the suspects broke into Tibbetts around 2 a.m. Sunday and Farmington High about an hour later.

The suspect was picked up at his place of employment and confessed his role in the crimes, police said.

"He was very cooperative with us," Aikele said.


"From there with his help, we were able to identify the second suspect."

Aikele said the second suspect lives in a Colorado town near the New Mexico state border.

Don Lorett, Assistant Principal and Athletic and Activities Director at Farmington High, said the damage was discovered Monday morning as teachers and administrators returned from winter break.

"Fortunately, we didn't have any students in yesterday (Monday) and we were able to clean up the area," Lorett said.

Glass in multiple trophy and memorabilia cases was shattered, fire extinguisher chemicals were sprayed all over the floor in the gym and a skylight was destroyed. The suspects allegedly broke into the school through the skylight.

Cafeteria mirrors used by the dance team were broken along with motorized curtains, which were torn off the wall. Water was found on the cafeteria floor after the suspects allegedly turned on faucets and left them running. Water damage was also discovered on the roof.

"There was water coming off the cafeteria roof, they had opened some valves to the air conditioning and they froze and broke all the pipes to the roof," Aikele said. "I don't know if there was any damage done to the air conditioner."

Only two trophies have been identified as stolen so far, a 2011 state tennis championship trophy and a 1952 football championship trophy.

The suspects allegedly entered Tibbetts through a second-floor window into the upstairs science lab. The suspects tore down many posters/papers mounted on the walls along with a bulletin board and sprayed fire extinguisher chemicals.

Aikele said both suspects are due in court tomorrow after meeting with a probation officer and their parents.