BLOOMFIELD — Bloomfield pre-school classes are xpected to fill up again after board members approved a change to a flat-rate tuition rate Tuesday night, lowering the monthly fee for many interested families in the school district.
Bloomfield Early Childhood Center Principal Deb Latta said parents previously paid on an income-based sliding scale, which left some students out in the cold. All students enrolled will now pay $125 a month, which Latta said was the enrollment fee for pre-school in the Farmington Municipal Schools.
“One of the salary ranges, which was troublesome, was between (those earning) $66,000 and $70,000 a year were paying $563 a month,” Latta said. “It was pretty costly for four days a week, three hours a day.”
Before the change was approved by the Board of Education, Superintendent Joe Rasor asked Latta if the rate change will increase enrollment at the school and Latta said it would.
Latta said she was excited for the rate change, which will help provide peers for special education students already enrolled in the pre-school program.
“Most of the students we have are special education students and we need to find some typical peers and we haven’t been able to find people that would pay that much,” Latta said.
Typical peers provide aid to the special education students by giving them a model for language skills and behavior.
“We had tuition slots open and they just couldn’t afford the fee,” Latta said.


“I will be making calls to get typical peers in the program.”
The board members also approved a new pre-kindergarten educational assistant position at BECC to handle an increase of students and maintain a ratio of one adult for every four students.
Following a 19 minute executive session, the school board members voted to extend Rasor’s contract for the next two years. The new contract will go into effect on July 1 and will last through June 30, 2015.
Rasor said his salary will remain the same unless all school district employees see an across the board increase.
Due to spring break, the Board of Education meeting set for March 12 will be moved to March 5.