Jon Austria/The Daily TimesFrom left, Farmington High School freshmans, Ethan Hanson and Rodolfo Dominguez fold up donated jean for their program called
Jon Austria/The Daily Times From left, Farmington High School freshmans, Ethan Hanson and Rodolfo Dominguez fold up donated jean for their program called Teens4Jeans on Thursday.
FARMINGTON — Two Farmington High School students are gaining new perspective as they tackle a service project to collect jeans for homeless teens.

Freshmen Rodolfo Dominguez and Ethan Hansen have been working on a local initiative of "Teens for Jeans," a service project sponsored by the non-profit organization and the clothing retailer AĆ©ropostale.

Dominguez said the goal of the service project was to collect new and used jeans with AĆ©ropostale distributing them in the area. After learning about it, he decided to get involved.

"I thought It would be something cool to do to help people out," Dominguez said. "I feel blessed for what I got and I just wanted to give back."

After enrolling Hanson to help out with the project, the students approached their teacher Melissa Brown about the project. She informed them they should let Principal Tim Kienitz know about it before conducting the project on campus.

"It's kind of humbling to see students at their age take on the initiative to do this on their own, without being prompted or guaranteed a grade or extra credit," Brown said. "I feel like, as a teacher, I have done my part teaching them a lesson about helping others or serving the community."

Hansen and Dominguez worked together on a presentation for Principal Tim Kienitz and after receiving approval, started to promote their project with signs and posters and radio appearances.


"He (Kienitz) said he really liked the idea, he really liked how we are trying to get involved," Hansen said. "I thought this would be a great way to give back to the community," Hansen said.

Kienitz said he appreciated Dominguez and Hansen giving him the heads up on the project, since it came from an outside organization.

"One of our key initiatives at Farmington High has been to try and instill a sense of generosity in our students," Kienitz said. "If they have an opportunity to give back and put their learning to use in a way that is relevant to the community, it can connect their learning with real life.

Both students have learned things about the homeless population.

Dominguez said there are 1.7 million homeless people under the age of 18. Henson added that nearly 30 percent of homeless people have been homeless for more than two years.

"I was aware there were homeless people but I was shocked by how many children and teens there were," Hansen said. "From what I've seen working at the Frontline Mission, (there were) some families but (the people were) mostly adults."

Donations can be dropped off at the Farmington High School front office. Interested Farmington High students can drop off jeans at Melissa Brown's classroom.