BLOOMFIELD — A group geared toward improving Bloomfield will hold a town hall meeting Thursday to take input from the community on ways to improve life for its citizens.

The Bloomfield Care Coalition will host the meeting. Formed in spring of last year, the group meets once a month at the Bloomfield Senior Center.

The coalition solicited the input of families in the area at various community events. And last fall, group members decided to gain a youth perspective on what matters most in their lives. They visited Bloomfield and Charlie Y. Brown high schools and held focus groups with students on how they see their community. They listened to their ideas on how to become more involved in the community.

Overall, students were concerned about jobs, especially summer employment, as well as places they could go for activities or volunteer programs that would enhance the look, safety and harmony of the city.

This month, the group wants to hear from everyone on various community issues and on their aspirations for the developing rural city, which is often overshadowed by neighboring San Juan County cities Farmington and Aztec.

"We want to hear from people on what their priorities are and to see if we can find ways to improve the quality of life here for everyone," said Pamela Drake, Director of San Juan County Partnership and the coalition's founder. "The town hall is input-based, so we are looking forward to hearing from members of the community on the issues that matter most.



Another coalition member is Jessica Polatty, director of the Bloomfield Senior Center. She welcomes more input and participation from residents to deepen the group's understanding of the community's goals.

"We spent a lot of last year collecting data on how people feel about life in Bloomfield and the ideas for improving the area they'd like to see put in place," Polatty said.

Last year the group applied for but did not receive San Juan County Drug Free Communities funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Drake is reapplying for the grant funding.

"We want to bring people together because Bloomfield is largely underserved in the county and would benefit from greater efforts from people working collaboratively together to address many of the needs the area faces," Drake said.

The group is also looking to add more members.

"We are always eager to work with anyone interested in helping the community, regardless of age, profession or background," Drake said.

The Bloomfield Care Coalition invites anyone from the county to attend the meeting on Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Bloomfield Cultural Center, 333 S. First St. For more information, contact Jessica Polatty at 505-632-8351.