One question has stumped San Juan County basketball coach above all others this season — how do you stop Matt Huffhines?

So far, none have found the answer.

The Farmington High senior has led his team to a 5-0 record against other schools within the county while averaging an eye-popping 26.8 points per game, including a 40-point outburst against Bloomfield.

Last week, Huffhines added Shiprock and Kirtland Central to the list.

The Scorpions' guard led his team into the Chieftain Pit last Tuesday and handed Shiprock its first home loss of the season with a 22 point performance.

Four days later, Huffhines scored 25 points, leading FHS to a blowout victory at Kirtland Central in the district opener.

Scorps first-year head coach Paul Corley wasn't sure if anyone would be able to take the reigns for his squad and has been pleasantly surprised with his senior leader's ability to take over a game.

"I didn't know coming in if we'd have that go to guy, but Matt has turned into that for us," Corley said. "Matt's always the first one on the court shooting. He's one of the last to leave the gym. He's been a great leader for us both on and off the court. He's quiet but he can sure play. He draws a lot of attention and is a team player — finding the open man."

His play has led opposing coaches to take notice too.

"Huffhines goes 800 miles per hour all the time," said Broncos' head coach John Zecca.


"It's no coincidence that he's one of the best players in the district. The kid plays hard."

Corley credits the FHS star's effort on both ends of the court as a primary reason for his success.

"He studies game and understands it really well. The thing I love is that he buys in on defense too," Corley said. "Sometimes, offensive guys are all about points, but he's busting his tail on the defensive end also."

Next for Huffhines and the Scorpions is a matchup with intra-city rival Piedra Vista. The Scorps defeated the Panthers 67-61 at the Marv Sanders Invitational earlier this season. Huffhines scored 21 points, including eight in the fourth quarter, to lead FHS back from an 11-point fourth quarter deficit to beat PV.

Huffhines thinks that his team is playing better than ever heading into the game and sees this as a chance to move closer to the Scorps goal of a District 1-4A title.

"We're coming together well and gelling at the right time," Huffhines said. "If we can keep that going in the future, we going to be hard to stop."

10 Questions with Matt Huffhines

Favorite music?

  • All kinds, so whatever sounds good.

    Favorite pregame meal?

  • I like carbohydrates so Spaghetti or things like that.

    Favorite sport outside of basketball?

  • Baseball.

    Toughest player to competed against in the district?

  • We got great ones — (Christian) Mackey, Ty (Jaquez), Jacob (Armijo) — all of those guys are fun to go against.

    Favorite class?

  • English.

    Do you prefer baseball or basketball?

  • I like them both so that's hard to choose.

    If you could have any superpower, which one would you pick?

  • Flying.

    Favorite movie?

  • Glory Road.

    If you had a million dollars, what would your first purchase be?

  • A new car, something nicer than my minivan.

    What do you like to do in your free time?

  • Anything outdoors.