FARMINGTON — Farmington police said they are trying to find a man who allegedly pulled a knife on two Walmart employees who tried to stop the suspect from stealing.

No arrests have been made but police identified Ryan Martinez, a 23-year-old Farmington man, as the supect on Monday, Lt. Taft Tracy said.

Last Friday, Martinez, in a black hooded sweatshirt, tried to push a cart full of Metallica CDs, a tablecloth and other DVDs out of the store without paying, police said. He was confronted by two Walmart loss-prevention employees.

Tracy said Martinez pulled a knife on the two employees, slashed at them and fled.

He was last seen near the McDonalds by English Avenue and police said he may have gotten into another vehicle which drove off, Tracy said.

Tracy said Martinez tried to steal about $360 worth of merchandise.

Police responded to Walmart at about 4:15 p.m. on Friday but couldn't find Martinez.

An arrest warrant charging Martinez with aggravated assault has been issued.

Tracy said Farmington police have tried to find Martinez at his place of residence. They have also had phone conversations with Martinez on his cell phone.

“Martinez admitted he was (at Walmart) and tried to take items but he denied pulling a knife,” Tracy said. “He ended the conversation by hanging up on the officer.”