FARMINGTON — One session at the Four Corners Oil and Gas conference coming up on May 7 and 8 at McGee Park will be devoted to becoming better advocates for the oil and gas industry.

Tara Smith Anderson, director of External Mobilization for the American Petroleum Institute, said she wants to talk about some of advocacy her group performs.

The institute is national trade association that has more than 550 corporate members in the oil and gas industry and lobbies the public, U.S. Congress, the federal government and state governments to promote industry interests, according to their website.

“We are always trying to educate people about energy,” Anderson said.

She said during her presentation, she plans to keep the discussion general and include some of the work and issues promoted by her organization.

“I want to demonstrate who API is and what we're doing,” she said.

Aside from that, she said she will keep the discussion broad and allow participants as chance to ask questions.

“We'll talk about API, but the best part of anything is the Q-and-A section,” she said.

The institute has different levels of advocacy from the citizen level to the corporate level.

API has “Energy Citizens” who help engage citizens to work as their own advocates and provide tips on calling elected leaders, writing letters and other forms of advocacy.

The Energy Citizens program also is designed to educate general citizens about energy. For example, available on their website is an article titled “Debunking Myths about Fracking.”

“Energy Citizens has presence in every congressional district in the country,” she said.

Energy Forum helps provide information for energy topics by states, she said.

Karen Ortega, the conference's executive committee chairwoman, said part of the goal of the conference, which has scheduled 20 presenters, is to disburse information about policies that affect the oil and gas industry.

“We try to have a program with technical speakers that know the needs that are in the oil and gas industry,” she said.


Erny Zah is the business editor of The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4638 and Follow him @ernyzah on Twitter.