Farmington — Bottom of the Barrel Productions, a Farmington-based theater company, is looking for places to store its various props, flats and costumes.

PJ Gillen, the company's president, said the company is looking for anything from small storage rooms and sheds to empty buildings that are large enough for workshops. Because the company is a non-profit, people can get tax write-offs for providing storage, he said.

As the company prepares for its upcoming production, "Robin Hood," it is gathering more items, from props to costumes. All of those props will need to go into storage.

Bottom of the Barrel got the idea to ask people for storage facilities from another local theater company, Theater Ensemble Arts. Theater Ensemble Arts currently stores its props and costumes at a facility owned by Bob Culpepper.

"We're just hoping there's someone else like that who'd like to be a patron of the arts," Gillen said.