By Dorothy Nobis

Farmington Chamber of Commerce

There's so much to love about being part of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce.

As I reflect on the past four and a half year as director, I realize how blessed I have been to be part of such an amazing organization. While the financial rewards have been appreciated (and I am grateful for that!), it has been the intangible rewards that have given me the most pleasure.

Working with hundreds of volunteers on committees and through events each month offers friendships and networking opportunities you can't purchase or inherit. They are blessings that come to you on a daily basis and their value can never, ever be overstated.

ÊThe Farmington Chamber of Commerce is fortunate to have several committees that our members can participate in and be part of. Our committees include Redcoats, Health and Wellness, Farmington Young Professionals, Education, Board of Directors, Promotions and Special Events, Banquet and Legislative Affairs. And if you want to help with special events, we have those, too the annual banquet and meeting, career fair, Music on the Rocks with Art, chile in October, Tri-City Chambers Golf Tournament, the health fair and the annual Christmas parade are among them.

In addition, we have elections to our Board of Directors each year, and we're always looking for new ideas, experience and fun personalities to help us further our mission and create our path.


Our board is tasked with directing the chamber as it moves forward and while it is a task that every board member takes very seriously, helping determine that direction always includes lots of fun.

One of my favorite "new" committees is the Tri-City Chambers, which brings together the directors of all three chambers and the boards of each chamber, who share ideas and resources and partner with the golf tournament and, in the past, to bring the Disney Institute to San Juan County and sponsor customer service seminars.

The Tri-City Chambers is one more way that the leaders in Aztec, Bloomfield, Farmington and San Juan County work together for the good of us all. I have enjoyed working with Christa RommŽ, director of the Aztec Chamber, and Bernadette Smith of the Bloomfield Chamber. Both of these ladies are amazing and give so much of their time and talent to help their chambers grow and to benefit not just the business community, but the community as a whole.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be part of any (or all!) of our chambers, please give us a call and we'll be happy to share our love of our chambers and all they do with you. The Aztec Chamber may be reached by calling 505-334-7646, the Bloomfield Chamber at 505-632-0880, and of course the Farmington Chamber at 505-325-0279.

Chamber membership is not just an investment in your business, it is an investment inÊyour community. Please become a member and, most importantly, become involved in the chambers. With the economy creating challenges for all of us, being a member of all three chambers is money well spent. You have the opportunity to network with other chamber members, to know what's going on in all of San Juan County and to work with the best and most dedicated community leaders anywhere. Take advantage of all each chamber has to offer and make it work for you and your business.

It is such fun being part of this chamber and every chamber and while I will no longer be the director here, you can bet I'm going to stay involved. I plan to volunteer and I will NOT become an employee of someone who is not a member of the chamber (I am fiercely loyal!) and because I know the value of chamber membership, I appreciate it and I support it.

Thank you for your support of the chamber and the community. While the months ahead of us this year are likely to be challenging, this community, like no other in the country, partners with each other and makes the very best out of what others would likely considerÊas the worst.

We have weathered tough times in the past and we have learned from them. We are forward thinking, we are hard working and we can absolutely, positively "gitterdone!" The best is yet to come for this chamber and this community and we will continue to do well because that's what Farmingtonians and San Juan Countians are made of!

Dorothy Nobis, president and CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, is retiring from the chamber in late March.