Farmington has its wonderful fair share of state champions and winners in all sorts of high school competitions, but it was particularly delightful to see a new breed of winners representing us in the recent 2012 New Mexico English Expo.

Baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, tennis, swimming, ROTC, choir, bowling, soccer...and now letter writing?

San Juan County boasts a bounty of state champs, but adding to the list with success in the liberal arts with such competition as business letter writing, speaking, visualizing and listening shines a whole new spotlight on our local student body.

Farmington received recognition in almost every one of the 24 categories at the Expo after about 500 students took part.

The competition was hosted at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque and five Farmington schools participated, including Farmington High, Piedra Vista High, Heights Middle, Hermosa Middle and Tibbetts Middle School.

Students returned with multiple first-, second- and third-place medals.

Among the winners, Farmington High School took top honors in prose writing.

Heights Middle School did well in the area of declamation, or the memorization and recitation of speeches.

It is encouraging to see such a state competition in which academic achievement is rewarded.

Students and teachers alike reported having plenty of fun in gearing up for the event and participating; winning was a nice bonus and a sure sign of accomplishment by both the students and the teachers.


We applaud all those involved and appreciate seeing the success in such an important field of the liberal arts.