It's been almost a month since the city of Farmington installed traffic lights at the intersection of 30th Street and Pinon Hills Boulevard, and the collective sigh of relief still is being shared by countless drivers who say thank you.

It was a good move to install the lights, and now that intersection seems to have better direction from the chaos invited by sitting atop a steep hill and backing up traffic in one direction, causing low visibility ahead from two others.

Farmington Public Works employees hung the lights April 19, and anyone familiar with the intersection of 30th and Pinon knows that it is one of those "always slow down" intersections.

Drivers approaching it from the east or west on Pinon climb to the hilltop with a limited vision of what's ahead.

Drivers approaching it from the steep climb on 30th come to a stop sign and dead end, and before they can turn left or right, they previously did so in quite the rush to avoid whatever speedy driver might be topping the hill on Pinon.

Now, with the addition of the signal lights, drivers see much earlier whether they should slow down or stop and expect other traffic, or slow down and cautiously proceed with a green light.

Having that kind of direction signaled to a driver is helpful.

Safety experts say sometimes it's too helpful, as many drivers become too dependent on the light and don't slow down as much as they would before when uncertainty existed. The experts raise a good point, and drivers certainly should continue to use caution and slow their speed at that busy intersection.


Nevertheless, the light seems to make sense for safety reasons, and it most certainly will help avoid traffic back-ups on 30th for drivers trying to turn onto Pinon.

The city also is trying to save money by using a new form of wire-hanging signal lights, another positive in their acquisition and use.

Drivers, beware. But thank you, city planners, for putting this set of signal lights where one belonged.