Apparently the only thing Matthew Tso is ashamed of these days is his college degree. It seems to be the only thing he is hiding when it comes to his public character.

And voters should be ashamed if they vote for Tso in his sketchy bid for the state Senate. If he's not willing to be open and transparent now, what can we expect in a higher office?

Tso should resign from his position on the San Juan College board of directors, he should resign from his role as president of the Central Consolidated School Board, and he should drop his election campaign.

He is embarrassing those entities, and it seems clear that the most important thing to Matthew Tso is Matthew Tso.

The most recent negative headlines for Tso came last week when the Department of DinĂ© Education suspended him from his job as a legislative analyst — not a great development for a candidate seeking a state position in the Senate.

There are other good leaders who could come forward, and they should, in a leadership role so that Tso is not the one serving in such offices. For example, his fight in the CCSD struggles is far from being a one-man show, and there are other good leaders on the board at San Juan College.

These entities should be doing their best to question Tso and demand answers as to why he keeps publicly embarrassing them.

Last week, it was his suspension from his job by Navajo officials for undisclosed reasons.


Will he care to share why he was told to stay away from work? Don't hold your breath.

Last July, Tso was arrested for public intoxication, but charges were dismissed over legality issues with prosecutors handling the case.

And perhaps the biggest reason Tso should go is his coy attitude in handling what should be an extreme source of pride if he is honest, and that is his claim to having a degree from the prestigious Ivy League school Dartmouth College.

Now, how many people do you know who want to hide a degree like that if they've actually earned it?

Tso does. Despite his claims to having graduated there in 2003, he continues to have a hold placed on his academic records and has told officials at Dartmouth to keep his student record there confidential.

If he has the degree as he claims, why the standoffish attitude and secrets kept from his voting constituents and fellow public servants? Why not clear the air in a simple fashion by giving Dartmouth the green light to confirm his degree or by showing the diploma himself?

There are too many things in this pot of troubles that stink.

Legal questions, academic questions, transparency issues, employment troubles: It all adds up to poor representation and a concern for worse to come if he stays in office.

For these mounting reasons, Matthew Tso should go, and go now.

He should resign from these public offices, or those around him should expel him. There is more to public service than personal gain, and it's time that lesson gets shared with Tso before something more harmful comes to those he represents.