Up: Independence Day was celebrated throughout San Juan County. Fireworks, family activities and food were at the forefront. Very few incidents were reported by law enforcement and fire officials. We are thankful that the long-weekend celebrations were safe.

Down: Despite ample warnings, more than 30 San Juan County residents were cited for use of illegal fireworks. Officials were very upfront in stressing that they would be strictly enforcing the law, with violators facing fines up to $500 and/or 30 days in jail. For at least 30 people that decided to fight the law, well, the law won.

Down: The forecast for enough rain to end the drought in our area is not promising. While a small amount of rain fell over the area Thursday, and a chance of rain is in the forecast, the long term drought will continue. Fortunately local water supplies are adequate for the short term. Conservation of this critical resource is encouraged.

Up: Five community members were inducted into Farmington's History Makers Hall of Fame. Dr. John Brown (Pioneer Era, 1890-1920), Russell Allen (Formative Era, 1920-1950), Charlie Keller (Growth Era, 1951-1970), Mary Lou Jacobs (Maturing Era, 1971-1990), and State Representative Tom Taylor (Modern Era, 1991-present) were honored for their contributions to making Farmington a great community.

Down: A 'Cold Case' murder of a local woman remains unsolved after 22 years. Patsy Taylor was killed in July 1991. No arrests ever have been made. New DNA evidence may lead to activity with the case. We hope that new evidence is secured and a suspect is apprehended and brought to justice. The family deserves closure.

Up: Eight area teens have qualified to compete in the National High School Finals Rodeo in Wyoming. Lindsey Ashcroft, Justin Hamilton, MacKenzie Kemple, Holly McGlasson, Jesse Rogers, Jacop Spencer, Baillee Wiseman and Haley Wolfe will be respresenting San Juan County in this national competition. Congratulations and good luck!