UP -- More than 500 athletes participated in the Four Corners Invitational late last week. That competition is part of Special Olympics New Mexico. The sports included golf, softball, aquatics and flag football. For some participants, the competition is therapeutic. But those athletes took their chance to pit their physical skills against their peers seriously. We salute these boys and girls, whether they took home medals or not.

DOWN -- Some moron with a gun fired bullets over the heads of football players on a local athletic field as they were gearing up for the fall season. We are thankful the only injury was to the wall of a press box towering over the field. We simply don't understand the immature thought process that would lead someone to decide to commit a driveby shooting. However, the athletes quoted in The Daily Times about their experience on the field sounded wise beyond their years.

UP -- Despite disappointment last year and losing six seniors, the Farmington High School soccer team has the right attitude. "We're expecting to compete for a state championship," said first-year head coach Byron Farnsworth. Two of the past four years, the Scorpions have taken home the championship. Last year, they lost 1-0 to Centennial for the top honors. We love the positive attitude and hope it translates into a successful year for the Scorps.

UP -- That wonderful smell of charred peppers is in the air again. It is time for people to enjoy this year's harvest of New Mexico's signature crop -- green chili. We are big fans of this vegetable, which can boost just about any dish you can think of. No wonder they are sold by the bushel. If you're new to the area we heartily recommend that you give them a try.

DOWN -- Farmington resident Shawna Tobin was sentenced to six months in jail for taking money under the pretense that the funds would be used for charity work. Tobin pleaded guilty to four counts of fourth-degree felony fraud in the scam that defrauded more than 15 businesses out of more than $11,000 in 2011 and 2012. Tobin's attorney asked for a sentence that would not require punishment if certain conditions were met. The judge denied the request noting that Tobin's actions could lead people to withhold contributions to legitimate charities. The judge did the right thing.

UP -- Homemade, engineless cars rumbled down Sullivan Avenue late last week at speeds up to 23 mph for the Boys and Girls Club soapbox derby. One participant reported feeling a nervous "tingle" in her stomach at the top of the hill. We think it's great that this all-American tradition lives on in Farmington giving area children a memory they will not soon forget.