Small adjustments and a lot of patience lead to good photographs and during December and January, the Four Corners Photographic Society will be displaying some of its best pictures.

Every year, the photographic society puts on two shows one in the summer and the other in the winter. The winter show will be having its opening reception on Dec. 2 starting at 1p.m. and finishing at 4 p.m.

The Four Corners Photographic Society got its start about a decade ago. The group consists of 25 members and meets the second monday of every month at San Juan College. During the meetings, members give presentations and there are photo contests.

Donald Campbell joined the society about a year ago after he moved to Farmington. He said the presentations range in topics from taking pictures to technical things such as resizing photos.

Campbell said the winter photo show will be featuring 110 photos taken by 19 of the society's members. Some of the photos will be for sale. Campbell said the pictures will be marked letting visitors know which ones are for sale and the price.

Anyone interested can join the club for a $25 annual fee. Campbell said the society has a variety of talent, ranging from hobbyists to professionals.