To the Citizens of Farmington,

Imagine taking an early morning walk in a quiet, peaceful, family friendly neighborhood. The hour is early and the business of the day has not yet begun. Imagine being suddenly attacked, being viciously beaten. You scream, yet no one comes to your rescue. Imagine the beating being so severe that your ribs break, your cheek shatters. You try to defend yourself, covering your head, trying to block the onslaught of blows. You get hit time after time on the head, continuing to scream until the final blow. A savage strike behind the ear ends the fight. Life is drained from your body as the blood pools around your head and runs down the street to the gutter. A beautiful life ends in senseless violence.

This is what happened to our mother, Patsy Taylor on July 10, 1991. She was a wonderful person full of life and love. She was a mother, sister, wife and grandmother. Mother was such an excellent person, so compassionate and loving. Patsy was a very young Mother, and in turn a young Grandmother. She was at a very enjoyable time in her life. While she was no longer consumed with the need to work full time, she enjoyed working. She was always on the go, never content with letting life pass her by. She lived life to its fullest and relished every moment. Twenty-two years have passed. Patsy would now be a great-grandmother. She would have witnessed many joyful occasions and remarkable events. She is deeply missed. We grieve her to this day and every day to come.

While we realize this letter may have been shocking, we are hoping to bring attention to this horrendous crime. The fact is that this could have been your loved one, be it your Mother, Father or child. An innocent going about their daily lives. Murder is not a crime that happens to someone else ... we are all potential victims. We desperately need your help. Please, if you know anything about this crime, no matter how insignificant you feel this information may be, come forward. Our family understands the fear involved in coming forward, but the sad truth is that the next victim could be one of your loved ones. The smallest clue could potentially solve this case. Detective Heather Chavez has been working tirelessly to bring closure to this mystery and would appreciate any and all information available. A reward has been offered by Crime Stoppers.

In closing, we would like to thank the citizens of Farmington for your attention and concern in this matter.

The daughters of Patsy Taylor


Editors Note: A July 6 story by Ryan Boetel titled "New Evidence Comes to Light in Farmington Unsolved Murder" provided details of the Taylor case.