The Four Corners Blue Star Mothers have been placing yellow ribbons and bows on the trees in downtown Farmington for many years. This labor of love is done to remind the community of the continued commitment our serving warriors are doing. The ribbons are also to remind those very warriors that we support them as they come to town. Finally, we want our Veterans to know that no matter when they returned, in the last days, weeks, years or decades, we appreciate their service.

Each year we try to replace the ribbons and bows two times a year, usually just before the July 4th and Christmas holidays. Over the past week, members of the Blue Star Mothers removed the old ribbons and bows and replaced them in the downtown area of Main and Broadway. On the night of Wednesday, June 26, an individual or group of individuals cut off the ribbons and tore down the bows from trees on the north side of Main Street.

It is because of the generosity of the community, through donations and fund raisers, that we are able to purchase the ribbons and we know that the individuals who destroyed the ribbons do not represent the feelings of the community.

Though the actions of those involved may frustrate the Blue Star Mothers, it will not discourage us. We will replace those ribbons and continue to fulfill our mission, to support our troops and veterans.

The Blue Star Mothers meet the first Monday of the month, at the Farmington Civic Center and the third Tuesday, at the Farmington VFW on the Bloomfield Highway. All meetings start at 7 p.m. We welcome any parents of military members as well as any community members who want to support our mission.


Cindy Castle


Four Corners Blue Star Mothers