To the Editor:

On the 4th of July, a friend and I went for a mountain bike ride on the Alien Run Mountain Bike Trail. As we passed the official crash site, we

heard a loud, reverberating blast boom across the canyon just over our heads. Another blast sounded, and we ducked and started yelling, "Hey!

Hey! "No one responded. "Please stop shooting!"

Finally, they responded. Two men stood on a mesa just above us. They yelled back, "Sorry! We didn't know you were there! Don't worry; we know what we're doing!" What? Apparently not. We asked if it was legal for them to shoot there. They responded, "We have to share the trails with you; so, you have to share the trails with us." This is not my idea of sharing. I realize that the Alien Run Mountain Bike Trail does not fall within the disputed Glade Run Recreation Area, but this event stands as an excellent example of why the recreation areas under the management of the Farmington BLM Field Office need to be designated for specific use. I enjoy mountain biking, running and shooting. I have

nothing against ATV's or dirt bikes. I want everyone to be able to enjoy their hobbies as much as I do, but I also want to enjoy my hobby without the fear of being shot by a fire arm or leveled by an ATV. I have encountered others shooting across the trails I ride, have nearly had a head-on collision with a dirt bike and have been warned by others that an armed man on a 4-wheeler was following the trail that I just finished. The BLM received notice of each of these events.

Pleasing everyone is impossible, but I realize that once these designations are made, each group can cultivate and build their area to better fit their needs. I may lose a part of the trail system that I now enjoy riding, but if that means that I can ride without fear of being shot or hit, then please proceed!

Contrary to the shooter on the mesa, bullets and bikes cannot share trails.