The City of Aztec has done it again! The recent "paving" of streets is regressing to what the CR's (county roads) are suppose to be like. On top of good asphalt streets which are smooth, easy to drive on and more importantly easy to walk on, they are spreading tar (goopy ole tar) and laying down layers of gravel. What is going on? Fix the pot holes, fill the cracks with tar but don't create county roads in our city. Whom ever made this management decision must be in cahoots with the glass and body shops, cause multiple chips are occurring.

Oh, let me guess. It is less expensive than filling pot holes with asphalt, rolling smooth and voila a smooth street. Somehow money is available for all these stone walls, they are erecting, one of which impedes left turns on to Main, coming from the Post Office. This is now a blind intersection, because no one surveyed the site to see how far back to build this "Welcome To" Aztec wall.

New street lights on Aztec Boulevard, oh, I'm sure it comes out of a different budget. Our tax money at work, is NOT working.


Carl Thurston