On behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to thank the entire community for their support of the San Juan County Life Skills Foundation and The First Tee of San Juan County, NM. It is through the generosity of many that we are able to impact over 8,000 youth in our community by teaching our life skills and character values curriculum through in-school, after-school and summer programs. The support of local businesses such as: IMI/EESI, Merrion Oil and Gas, BHP Billiton, Animas Credit Union, Cy Cooper Company and all of our other corporate sponsors (too many to list) allow for the youth in our community to gain the tools they need for success.

A big thank you also goes out to the individual donors, ambassadors, volunteers, physical educators, youth services agencies that we have partnered with, as well as the area golf courses and their PGA Professionals that give of their services without asking for anything in return. I would also like to thank the many families of participants that reinforce what is being taught so the future leaders of our community apply these life skills in all aspects of their lives.

First Tee of San Juan County, NM uses the game of golf to instill life skills such as decision making, goal setting, interpersonal communication, compromise, appreciating diversity while teaching such important values as integrity, respect and responsibility. The success of our program is a direct result of the countless community members that believe in our mission and passionately support our efforts. For that, our board of directors, staff and the thousands of participants give you a heartfelt "thank you."

We will continue to expand our footprint and teach the skills of success to the youth in our community, ensuring that the future of San Juan County remains bright.

Thomas Yost

Executive Director

San Juan County Life Skills Foundation

The First Tee of San Juan County