NAVAJO NATION — A spending bill signed into law by President Barack Obama will bring the Navajo Nation almost $3 million, according to Sen. Tom Udall's office.

Udall helped include $2.96 million in the bill to fund several Nation projects, according to a prepared statement issued Thursday by the Democratic senator's office. The bill provides $12 million total for New Mexico tribes.

The bill includes about $1.9 million to provide electricity to nearly 18,000 homes.

"In 21st century America, it is unacceptable that families are deprived access to electricity," Udall said in the statement. "They face barriers that can prevent them from finding jobs, educating their children and keeping themselves safe."

The bill also includes $700,000 for the Navajo-Gallup water supply project, about $238,000 for new buses and a transit facility and $123,000 to expand Internet and telephone service to rural Navajo homes and businesses.

"With these resources, New Mexico tribes will be able to address the extremely difficult economic conditions in Indian Country and build economies that can continue to produce jobs in the future," Udall said in the statement.