BLOOMFIELD — Bloomfield residents have an unusual one-stop shopping option, courtesy of local businessman Steve King. Patrons can buy oil and gas parts in one storefront, and head next door for rifles and handguns.

Bloomfield Oil and Gas Supply and Hi-Power Sports opened recently at 100 S. Fourth St. King also owns Technical Compression Services at 73 Road 4990, also in Bloomfield.

King hosted a grand opening Friday at Hi-Power Sports. The walls of the previously vacant space are freshly painted, and the shop has a bright, clean appearance.

Hi-Power Sports falls on the guns-and-ammo side of sporting goods, not the balls-and-bats side.

The shop has about 40 handguns and 40 long arms in stock. The handguns range from businesslike black .40-caliber Glocks to pink Taurus models aimed at women. Hi-Power Sports also has several AR-15 rifles in various calibers.

The business brings something new to Bloomfield, King said.

"Everybody likes it and says they're excited and glad we're here in Bloomfield," he said. "A lot of people come in just to look."

The sporting goods store has sold about a gun per day since opening two weeks ago, King said.

Hi-Power Sports also has a colorful collection of hunting accessories. Among them is a "zombie" shooting target that resembles Osama bin Laden. Shooters can pack it with fake blood that will burst when hit.

The walls are lined with taxidermy, most of it shot by King or his son. King has hunted in Canada, Africa and elsewhere.


Bernadette Smith, executive director of the Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce, said the new business is a positive sign for Bloomfield as the town awaits more oil and gas activity.

"It shows that Bloomfield is starting to grow, and we've got businesses coming in," she said.

Next door, Bloomfield Oil and Gas Supply offers industrial engine and compressor parts, general automotive parts and oil and gas service parts.

"The guys can get everything they need all in one place and head out to the field," King said.

King hopes to add pumping unit parts soon.

"That's kind of the goal to separate us from the other oil and gas supply stores," he said.

King grew up in Farmington and graduated from Farmington High School in 1990. He moved to Bloomfield in 1996, but has since moved back to Farmington.

King located his businesses in Bloomfield to take advantage of the proximity to oil and gas fields in the south San Juan Basin.

"Bloomfield's good for small business, I feel, because the prices and the rents are a lot more economical than in Farmington," he said. "For the oil and gas industry, Bloomfield's a lot more convenient."

Mayor Scott Eckstein said he welcomes the growth.

"We welcome new business, and this seems like a really good business, a good fit for the community," he said.